How to Clean Birthstone And Mother’s Ring Jewelry

A mother’s ring is a type of memorial jewellery, with a birthstone for each of the children of a woman. Standard birthstone ring features the birthstone of the wearer or the birthstone of his spouse. But a mother’s ring features the birthstones of her kids, either living or dead. It is usually given upon the birth of a new child or grandchild, both as a new ring or to replace the older one, with addition of a new stone. It also makes a popular mother’s day gift.

After wearing this memorial ring for a while, the ring as well as the gemstones embedded in it, become a little dull, dirty and lacklustre. While a professional jeweller offers the most thorough cleaning, there are few other ways following which you can make your mother’s ring and the gemstones shine and sparkle like before, right at home. Ammonia or glass cleaner are the best household items you can use to make your mother’s ring look like new again.

Things Required:

– Hot Water
– Ammonia or household glass cleaner
– Soft bristled toothbrush
– Paper towel
– Medium size bowl


  • 1

    Fill two parts of a medium size glass bowl with hot water (almost to a boil). You can also warm the water to the desired temperature using a microwave.

  • 2

    Add two parts of ammonia or glass cleaner to the bowl containing hot water. Stir a bit to mix ammonia and water.

  • 3

    Gently place the ring in this concoction and let it stay for a couple of minutes.

  • 4

    Remove the ring from the solution, making sure you grab it by the metal. Rub it gently with a soft bristled toothbrush, to wipe away the grime on the inner side of the ring and birthstones.

  • 5

    Once all the grime is gone, and the ring looks brand new, rinse it thoroughly with clean water.

  • 6

    Set the ring on a paper towel or a dry soft cloth for at least five minutes to let it dry.

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