How to Tighten a Flapper Chain

Imagine how embarrassing it would be to have a non-functioning toilet, when you are hosting some very important guests.

If you push the handle of the toilet and nothing happens, there is certainly something wrong. Mostly, this problem occurs when the little chain that connects the flapper and the handle breaks or becomes undone. It is not a big deal. Therefore, you don’t need to call a plumber to fix the toilet. All you need to take a few simple steps to tighten the chain. And the toilet will be back in working condition again.


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    Start the procedure by opening the lid. Find a place, somewhere away from the toilet seat, and place it there. The lid may crack after falling down, so you should keep it at a safe place.

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    Look for the chain inside the water tank. If there is any corrosion on the chain and handle, you should replace both items. The corrosion must have weakened the chain and handle, and you would  face the same issue time and again, if you don't replace it. If there is no corrosion, you don’t need to worry.

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    It is the time to remove the chain hook from where it is attached on the flusher arm. Most of the toilets have a small ‘C’ shape clamp that opens whenever you push the button right in middle of the lid.

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    You have three different holes to work on. Just change the adjustment to tighten the chain. For example, if the chain was connected to the first hole, you need to shift it to the next point in order to tighten it. However, you cannot afford taking it too far. Otherwise, the toilet tank will start leaking water through the flapper valve.

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    Put the lid back, and try it out. If the handle is still not lifting the flapper, connect the chain to a different hole on the handle arm. If the toilet does not work even after this step, you are left with no option, but to shorten the chain. Attach the clamp further up the chain, and try it out again.

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