How to Clean Swarovski Crystals

Dazzlingly beautiful but equally delicate, Swarovski crystals are an exquisite item to adorn your home, or your person, but whether it is home decor items or pieces of jewellery, crystals require careful handling and gentle cleaning to keep them brilliant and shining.

The cleaning of such items requires excessive caution, as the coating on the surface is susceptible to damage. This might make the task seem daunting, but by using special tools, and following a careful method, you can clean and maintain your Swarovski crystals with ease.

Things Required:

– Feather or Lambswool Duster
– Cotton Cloth
– Soft Brush
– Toothpick
– Crystal Polishing Cloth
– Mild Dish Soap
– Lukewarm Water


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    Start by gently ridding the crystals of dust or hair, by using a feather or lambswool  duster for this purpose. If the piece you are aiming to clean is smaller, use a makeup brush, and if you are extremely apprehensive about scratching the surface, simply use a can of compressed air to blow away any particles of dust.

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    Once the piece is dust-free, spread your cotton cloth on a flat surface, and place your crystal upon it. This will serve as your work surface. However, make sure you do not spread it out close to an edge where the crystal could be in danger of being knocked down.

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    Then proceed to use your special crystal cleaning/polishing cloth to wipe the surface clean. This type of cloth is extra soft, and designed specifically to give crystals some gentle cleaning treatment. Using any other type of ordinary cloth is likely to put your crystals in danger of being scratched, so make sure you invest in one of these special polishing cloths.

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    If the crystals were just mildly dusty, you can stop right here. However, if you notice some stubborn build-up on the surface, go ahead and use lukewarm water to attempt to rinse it off. Do not under any circumstances, subject the crystals to commercial cleaners – if you are faced with an exceptionally difficult stain, water-down some mild dish soap, and use this to gently polish the crystals clean.

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