How to Judge Titanium Rings

A number of years ago, when your parents went to search for silver or gold rings, they were either aware of what they were looking for, or got an advice from their colleagues as to what they need to be searching for. The quality standards for the precious metals have been present for longer periods of time, but what do you search for in the best titanium rings? They can be strong, durable, lightweight, 100 percent hypoallergenic and affordable. Titanium is more durable than steel and maintains its shape better than several other metals used to create rings.


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    Properties of titanium

    There are a lot of ways to judge titanium rings. Titanium is very comfortable to wear than platinum or gold and is also very light. Most people have heard wrong about titanium. When the name comes across, you need to know that it is not about the carat such as gold or percentage of purity like silver. On the other hand, titanium rings have diamonds on them. As a result of this, you cannot form an opinion of them by the stone being attached to it.

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    How to judge the quality of a titanium ring?

    You need to know what you should be looking for. Titanium’s value cannot be judged by the color just like diamonds. In its purest form, titanium is an off-white or bright gray-colored metal, but titanium rings are obtainable in a variety of colurs such as black, blue and gold. Nevertheless, these various shades do not display a good or bad quality of metal. They are just due to cosmetic differences in the shape of the ring.

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    Purity of titanium jewelry

    The percentage of purity is not a worry like silver in jewelry. Many titanium rings will be 99% pure titanium or even higher. Therefore, anything said to be lower than that should be considered as suspect. Moreover, titanium rings does not need any coating or protective plating, so any shop that provides these options may be concerned about their low quality product showing signs of wear or tarnish. Remember that these things don’t happen to actual titanium jewelry.

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    How to detect fake titanium jewelry?

    You can judge the jewelry by the sizing and setting provided by the shop owner. Titanium is a hard metal. As a result, particular styles of settings cannot be forged. Furthermore, the ring cannot even be sized up or down due to this hardness.

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