How To Care for Leather Boots in Winter

Wearing leather boots in winter makes people comfortable and also creates an impression of being fashionable or trendy. People in almost every region of the world use leather boots in winter and the popularity of these boots has earned them a symbol of fashion. However, there are different varieties in leather boots and many are not of fine quality making these boots vulnerable especially in winter rain.

Poor quality boots break down in a few weeks or in a couple of months which is a disapproving factor. But those people who take care of their boots can preserve them in excellent condition for a longer period of time.


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    First of all, you need to remove dirt or mud from your shoes before entering your home as it will make you comfortable in applying polish or other protective material to your boots.

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    Now, use a tablecloth or a plastic sheet to place your boots before applying spray to them. It will protect the floor or carpet from stains of spray. If any dust is left on the shoes, it will not get down to the floor as well.

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    Not put your hands inside your boot in order to spray it or for applying other products on it. Also use a soft cloth along with water or soap to wash the synthetic heels or wood area of your leather boots. Do not forget to dry it afterwards.

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    After applying polish or any sort of spray on boots, rub them with a soft cloth which will give them shine and they will give a look of new boots.

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    Leave boots where you apply different products on them to preserve them and let them dry thoroughly for at least one hour.

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    You can also use a cloth or tissue paper to stuff boots which will keep them in good shape and you will not feel any pinching from any side of the boot.

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    Make sure you have placed the boots on a place which is away from the direct sunlight as it can cause damage to the colour of leather and can also bring cracks to the surface. Repeat the process for two to three times during the season.

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