How to Have an Audrey Hepburn Influenced Style

Many want to look like Audrey Hepburn and even think that it is hard. However, to be honest, it is not very hard as many are able to look like her every single day. You just have to take care of a few things and even you can look like her on a daily basis.


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    Know what you like

    People who try and copy Audrey Hepburn everyday simply know who they are and what they like. When it comes to understanding your own sense of aesthetics, you should know your taste. Therefore, when you are out there in the streets, you should know your own taste in music, art, literature and even movies. That way you will be different and once you are different, people will look at you and will want to become like you.

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    Wear colours that look good on you

    The colour of your skin does not support each and every colour that you try to put on it. Therefore, when you are choosing colours that you want to wear every day, you should be sure that they suit you. That will not only make you look trendy; in fact, it will suit you and others will try and copy you in the future.

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    Go for shopping

    Shopping is something that will help you keep up to date in terms of trend and fashion. Try to go for shopping at least once in a month so that you know what the style around your area is. That way you will remain up-to-date and you will look like Audrey Hepburn on a daily basis.

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    Use accessories

    It is true that some people believe that using too many accessories on your body will make you look like a hippy. However, using a limited amount of accessories is definitely not going to hurt you. Therefore, try and buy things which suit you. For example: A nice pair of sunglasses that look good on you should be worn, but be sure that you do not wear them on cloudy days.

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    Be creative in terms of fashion

    Once you have decided what you are going to be on a particular day, do not try to mix it with other things. For example: If you want to look like a person from the 80’s, you should wear the clothes from the 80’s and should not try to mix them with the trends of today.

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    Wear clothes of your own size

    Wearing clothes which do not fit you is definitely going to put you off in front of others; therefore, you should try and wear clothes that fit you.

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