How to Clean Your Fur Coat

A fur coat is extremely expensive. Now you wouldn’t just stop wearing one if it gets unclean, would you? You would either try to clean it yourself, or you would want the drycleaner to clean it for you. Are the dry cleaners worth the money you pay to them? No they are not. They make mistakes, they lose things and they definitely do not do everything the way you want them to do it.

Therefore, always learn to do things yourself. Try to clean your fur coat yourself. It’s not too hard to do it. You just have to be extra cautious about a few things.


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    For starters, you have to understand how the fur can be cleaned. There are different processes through which you can clean fur and you have to understand one of them. Unlike other cloth: wool, silk, etc; cleaning fur is a little technical. You have to make a chemical solution and then clean the fur. It should be tumbled timelessly until and unless it is fully clean for your liking. Later, in order to add shine to the fur, a glazing solution is applied on top of it.

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    Now understand whether your fur coat requires extra attention over other things or not. There are coats which ask other things from you and you have to give them special attention. They might turn yellow if you expose them to a lot of sunlight. Therefore, you must have a furrier that will add a solution to the coat which will return the coat back to its original colour.

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    You have to find yourself a good cleaning furrier. Some have opened their business inside their houses, but they might not be worth it. You have to be sure that you go to the one which has been tested before. Your fur coat will probably be too dear to you. Therefore, always opt for a furrier which has already been tested.

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    Always try to clean your coat by removing extra moisture. If it gets wet during a walk, then always come home and give it a good shake. Try to remove all sorts of water from it. Do not try to rub it off; it will cause the fur to get damaged. Always try to get the coat cleaned up professionally.

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    At least get your coat cleaned up once in a year. That will really help you out. It will not get damaged and you will not have to go through a lot of cleaning processes in one go.

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