The Best Clothing Brands for Women

Currently there are numerous brands in the world that are making clothes for women, out of which some are classic, others are trendy and one can also find timeless and flashy ones too. However, there are only few clothing brands for women which can be called best in the world at the moment. This is because best clothing brands for women pay focus to each and every detail of their clothing line up, which includes style, trend, cut, size, colour, stitching, material and last but not least, they are usually available on affordable rates. Therefore, by keeping all these things in mind we have formulated this list of best clothing brands for women.


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    H & M

    This is a Swedish company that makes clothes for women. You will find various collections in its stores around world - which are made for all ages. The modern and stylish clothes of H & M have set different trends in the fashion world. Additionally, H & M produces these stylish and modern clothes for women on reasonable prices as compared to other high-fashion brands.  This explains why not only does it have high sales, but it has also made its clothing line a hot cake.

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    Ann Taylor

    Ann Taylor is another American brand that is a chain of apparel retail stores for women and the headquarter lies in the New York City. This brand specializes in producing classic and stylish clothing, shoes and other accessories for women. However, a wide and contemporary range of Ann Taylor makes it the best clothing brand for women. Due to this reason, Ann Taylor’s clothing is not only popular among professional women, but also with stylish and affluent women.

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    Gap is a famous international clothing brand that has its headquarter in America. This brand, although produces clothing for both genders, but is considered one of the best clothing brands for women. This is simply for the reason that Gap makes stylish, ready-to-wear, classic and strong colour clothing which are tailored for various body types for instance tall, petite and standard.

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    Dior is another leading clothing brand for ladies. It is basically a luxurious French brand that deals in ready-to-wear, fashion accessories, leather goods, jewellery, footwear, make-up, fragrances, skincare products and time pieces. Dior has opened a large number of stores in different countries since it was founded back in 1946.

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    Italian brands are also not too far off French brands when it comes to clothing line of women and the most famous make in this regard is Prada. Just like most of the other famous brands, this Italian fashion label also deals in both men and women’s luxury goods like readymade attires, accessories, shoes, hats and luggage.

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    One of the internationally renowned fashion houses is Armani or Giorgio Armani. This fashion house manufactures, designs, retails and distributes haute couture, readymade attires, shoes, leather goods and much more. Armani markets its goods under different labels and it is considered as a sign of high-fashion brand, as now it has become a prestigious name. This is one of the reasons why women love to buy Armani products.

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    This international brand also originated from France when its owner, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, started making elegant dresses, suits and jewellery in 1909, catering to the taste of women. Chanel has today become one of the top names when it comes to best clothing brands for women. This can be judged from the fact that it has more than 300 stores around the world and earns a net revenue of €1.809 billion as per the records of 2010.

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    Britons are also not far behind in this race of top fashion houses as their leading brand Burberry has also made a mark in fashion industry. Burberry deals in both men and women fashion accessories and clothing along with fragrances. Its trade mark "tartan pattern" has become one of the most copied trademarks.

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    Marc Jacobs

    Marc Jacobs is an award winning fashion designer who sells his products under two labels; Marc by Marc Jacobs and Marc Jacobs. Women can find its retail stores in more than 200 countries across the world. Marc Jacobs’ stores sell goods for both men and women, including a lot of items other than ready to wear.

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    Levi’s is also known as Levi Strauss & Co. It is an American company that is renowned for making best denim jeans around the world and has stores in almost all the major cities of different countries. This brand also has a long history as it was launched way back in 1853. Due to the high quality of its denim, Levi’s has became a popular name not only amongst men, but among women as well.

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