How to Dress Like a Bohemian

Bohemian basically refers to an artistic style in which people do not give a hoot for fashion and dress unconventionally. The best thing about this style is that people put on such clothes that can be worn anywhere. Moreover, these clothes are not only inexpensive but they do not get dirty easily.

Mostly, people think that one looks cheap while dressing like a Bohemian. It is completely wrong as many famous personalities support it and declare it a trendy style. If you are thinking to join the Bohemian group then you will have to follow a few simple directions.

Things Required:

– Worn out jeans / trousers
– Flared Tops
– Leather Shoes
– Accessories (belts, bangles, bracelets, sunglasses, scarf, hair bands etc.)


  • 1

    Wear last year’s jeans/trousers:

    Bohemian dress code is all about simplicity and comfort so you should start with wearing some well-worn jeans or trousers. Make sure that the pattern of your jeans is from 70’s as flares are the important feature of this trend. To make it look more artistic, add faded layers, paint stains or other rough patches. You can buy these types of trousers from consignment stores or garage sales. These vintage pieces will not only be cheap but they will be super comfortable.

  • 2

    Use flared tops:

    No matter you are wearing simple shirt or top, you should get those which are loose in fitting and flared at the collar and cuffs. You may add style to this simple dressing by throwing a vest on top of the shirt.

  • 3

    Try unusual patterns and textures:

    You must combine different and atypical patterns or textures as this is the core feature of Bohemian style. Try to use earthy or basic colours and do not hesitate in doing experiments with the size of the patterns. Floral, paisley, plaid and stripes are the most used patterns in this style.

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    Use funky leather shoes:

    You must not wear plastic, canvas or other types of shoes, rather get some good old styled leather boots.

  • 5


    Accessories are the most important thing to remember in Bohemian style dressing. You should buy scarf, hats, hair bands, bangles, necklaces etc. If you like sunglasses then prefer the aviator shape. Similarly, your leather belts should be large and noticeable. All the accessories should look hand crafted. If you like jewellery then invest in chunky pieces. Gather some natural stones, buy some beaded necklaces and get some wooden or metal bangles. You can easily buy these accessories from vintage stores or flea markets.

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