How to Make Deerskin Clothing

Using animal skin to make clothing has been carried out since the ancient times. Even today, you can use the skin of different animals to make trendy clothes and look graceful than ever. However, using the skin of a dead animal to make soft and supple clothes is not a simple task but is truly an art and exciting task to perform. You will be surprised to know that the clothing made of deerskin has the tendency to last for hundreds of year! Well, obviously it is not the reason would like to make clothes from deerskin. Also keep in mind that clothing made of deerskin is very expensive.


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    You initial task will be to obtain the deerskin from a reliable supplier. You can find many companies which process animal hides but since you need to make supple clothes, the deerskin you require is to be of top quality. You will have to pay a hefty amount of money to buy a top quality deerskin tanning!

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    The other way is to hunt a deer yourself and use its hide for making your clothes but might involve several complications, including the local legislation about hunting animal species.

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    Determine what design and pattern of clothing you have to make from the hide you have obtained. Keep in mind that a standard shirt will require three deer hides and a trouser will need one to two hides for the making. Make sure the hides you have bought are perfectly tanned, extremely soft and golden yellow in colour.

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    Take the measurements of your clothes. You better not make deerskin clothing which is tightly fitting on you and make sure to have enough space for your easy movement while wear this dress.

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    You should also ensure that the deerskin you are using has already been treated and wont shrink after you wash your clothing.

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    Use the awl to mark the pattern of your clothing onto the hides. Be very careful with your measurements or otherwise your entire investment will flush down the drain!

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    Cut the hides according to the patterns you have made on them and make sure to keep extra room on the edges.

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    Sew the hides to make your clothing accordingly. Sinew thread is considered ideal to sew deerskin clothing and you should be very cautious not to tear any part of the deerskin, as once it is torn, it keep on going until preventative measures are taken.

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    You can decorate your clothing as you desire. You can add beadwork, bells, feathers, horsehair or any other decorative items you prefer.

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