How to Do Cross Dressing

Cross dressing is the act of wearing clothes and ultimately looking like the opposite sex. There are a lot of men and women who engage in cross dressing for many different reasons. For some, there is the feeling that they are not supposed to be the gender they currently are and fulfil the need by cross dressing

For men, it may not be easy due to the masculine qualities they possess, but following some steps can result in them being more feminine looking when cross dressing and feeling much more suited to what they desire as a person.


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    Cover the Hair

    Men have a lot of hair normally and there are a few ways they can avoid people noticing that when they cross dress. The best method would be to shave it or have it waxed all off, but when that is not an option, wearing a few pairs of stockings over leg hair is a good way to cover it up. You should also have a shaved faced, underarms and arms, unless you plan on wearing long sleeved shirts.

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    Change the Figure

    Naturally, women are curvier than men are and in order to cross dress and look feminine in the real sense, you need to change your figure. This fortunately does not require any surgical procedure but can be done by creating an hourglass figure by applying silicone pads or wearing a corset to create the curves. This will also help flatten the stomach and make you appear like a real woman.

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    Bring out the Breasts

    This is a no brainer for sure. Men do not have breasts, but those looking to do some cross dressing need to make some. Those who really want to go out there can look into the option of getting implants, but if that is not something you are comfortable with, getting artificial breast forms and stuffing them in the bra you will be wearing can also do the trick.

    Getting breast forms are a much better option than stuffing balloons or tissue into your bra.

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    Colours and Shoes

    Men are broader and bigger than women naturally, so if you want to look more feminine, you need to wear darker colours so that you appear smaller and more petite. Wearing brighter colours will just bring out your size even more so try and avoid that at all costs.

    If you can walk in high heels, that will be the cherry on top to complete your cross dressing. If not, any other female shoes with flat soles can also work, but will not be as appealing.

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