How to Dress Like a Hippie

Dressing like a hippie is not really that difficult if you are looking to change your style or going to a costume party. A well known belief of being a hippie is that natural is acceptable and that the clothes you wear express your true self as it does not enhance your personality. Moreover, in the early days of hippie culture, people thought it was sloppy to dress like them. However, society is much more open towards people wearing whatever they want regardless of the colours, patterns or current fashion trends. You can get in to these retro styles by going to a used clothing store or you can make your own hippie style.

Things Required:

– Vests
– Jackets
– Loose Tops
– Cotton bra (for girls/women)
– T-shirts


  • 1

    Getting started

    Start using used clothes. You can get these from flea markets, thrift stores and sometimes garage sales. On the other hand, you can buy hippie clothes from eBay and New Age stores as well. The point behind hippie fashion was to divert buying stuff from large organisations and purchase used local clothing which was very affordable. Hippies also like to sew their own clothes and handicrafts. It takes a lot of effort to make your own clothes but it is much more rewarding than something bought from a big store.

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    Wear comfortable outfits

    Select loose, natural and easy to wear tops. A casual t-shirt is sufficient if you have accessories to go with it. It is better to choose old, faded or used t-shirts or tops. For girls, a soft cotton bra is recommended. Avoid wearing underwire or padded bras. Some even prefer not to wear a bra. Use tie dyed tops and dashikis are another alternative. They provide amazing colour and patterns to a dull outfit. You should consider wearing nice, long sleeved blouses as they are a good option compared to stiff clothes.

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    Vest and jackets

    Vest should be worn on tops and any type will do. You can wear long or short, colourful or dull. Moreover, beaded, loose and tight vests are also in style. In addition to this, select your favourite type of jacket. The vintage denim jacket is a popular hippie choice but there are other kinds as well. Try to buy beaded, embroidered or patterned jackets. Suede, leather, fur and sheepskin jackets are also very trendy among hippies.

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