How to Dress Broad Shoulders Body Shapes

Broad Shoulders make one’s body extremely beautiful. However, one must know to dress according to her body, otherwise, their natural look will not remain as appealing as it should normally be.

Broad shoulders does not essentially mean that the person has extremely wide stretched shoulders. In most of the cases, it is their slim waist and hips that forge their body shape into an inverted triangle, hence making a broad shoulder’s look.

Most of the models that have broad shoulders know how to dress up according to their body shape, and it enhances their beautiful look. Many believe that exposing their shoulders make their looks worsen. However, in reality, showing off your shoulders, collarbone and neckline only boost their appearance.

Nonetheless, the most important aspect of looking beautiful and appealing to the opposite gender is wearing the perfect clothes that match your body shape.


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    Most females believe that wearing tops that exposes their neckline is better suited with broad shoulders as compared to wearing deep V or U shape neckline tops. However, in reality, it is better to choose a top that has a narrow but deep neckline, as it will draw all the attention of the opposite gender inwards to downplay your broad shoulders.

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    Wearing thin spaghetti straps are suited better for broad shoulders. Many females would go for wide straps to cover up their shoulders, but exposing your collarbone is quite flattering and it makes a perfect combination with a deep neckline top. However, it you have bulky shoulders, then it is better to choose a top with wider straps.

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    Tops with large collars will further enhance your broad shoulders. It is better to avoid these types of tops in order to counter your broad shoulders look. In addition, turtle-necks and polo-necks top are also not recommended to wear if your body shape is like an inverted triangle.

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    Avoid wearing tops with sleeves, as it will only further present the impression of broadening your shoulders. Choose sleeveless tops, as it will eventually only enhance your charming look, and the opposite gender will be tempted to gaze their eyes upon you.

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    For further narrowing the look of your shoulders, try wearing dark coloured tops. Light coloured tops only add width to the visual appearance, so it is better to choose these colours for your lower body.

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