How to Design a Jesus T Shirt

T-shirts with Jesus design on them are quite common and can be purchased from various stores. It is the result of fashion designers’ creativity that you see a lot of t-shirts designed using spiritual entities and concepts, and one of the most popular designs is of Jesus. However, if a person does not want to purchase such a t-shirt and instead wants to design his or her own Jesus styled t-shirt then do not discourage such an individual, as there are ways through which he or she can easily pull it off. All that is required for somebody to do that are a few things and directions which are listed in this guide.

Things required to design a Jesus t-shirt:

– Plain T-Shirt
– Microsoft Word or Graphic Design Program
– T-shirt transfer sheets (optional)
– Bible
– Clip Art
– Printer
– Newspaper
– Wax paper
– Fabric marking pen (washable)
– Wet cloth
– Iron


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    Design a Jesus T-Shirt with Computer

    To design a Jesus t-shirt you need to buy a graphic designing program. These kinds of programs can be purchased from a local computer store. The best rated program in this category is Adobe Photoshop. However, if you fail to get your hands on it, then try Adobe Fireworks or Corel Draw. Apart from these programs, the second option will be t-shirt transfer sheets. Buy them in order to get the desired Jesus design on your shirt. Free templates for designing also come with these sheets and work in MS Word.

    If you are using Adobe Photoshop, then create an image of 2000 pixels by 2000 pixels in order to design a t-shirt from scratch. However, in case of a transfer sheet template, use MS Word as they work well with that.

    You can find various clip arts on different websites which offer free Christian clip arts. These Christian clip arts can be added in the template to work in MS Word or in Adobe’s project to design a Jesus t-shirt. All you need to do is simply right click on your favourite clip art and choose copy, then press CTRL + V in order to paste it into Adobe or Word.

    You can also look into Bible to see your favourite verses and then add them to the design through Adobe Photoshop. In order to do so, use the ‘text’ option in this software. On the other hand, to add text in MS Word, just type the verse or verses where you want them.

    After adjusting the clip art and text the way you desire, save this design. In case of Adobe Photoshop, keep in mind that the design will be saved as a jpeg, whereas in Ms Word simply save it as a doc file.

    After saving the design take one print out through a printer in order to see how it will look on the t-shirt by holding it against the shirt. If you feel that there is still plenty of space around this design and you can add more to it then open the saved file and add another clip art or verse by following the same procedure mentioned above.

    To bring this design on the t-shirt, either avail the services of a professional or print the design and paste it on the shirt by ironing it. 

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    Design a Jesus T-Shirt with Hand Sketch and Fabric Paint

    To draw a Jesus sketch on a t-shirt lay it over a surface covered with newspaper.

    Then put a wax paper inside that t-shirt. In this way when you will paint the t-shirt it will not reach its back.

    However, before applying the paint on the t-shirt, select a Jesus design for it as the first thing. Some websites through which you can select an interesting Jesus design for your t-shirt are zazzle, c28 and my God.

    Draw the chosen design on the t-shirt with the help of a fabric marking pen. However, keep in mind that it must be washable fabric marking pen so the marks can be removed after washing the t-shirt. In this, the wrong sketches will also disappear.

    After that take a paintbrush (small) and your desired colour in fabric paint (acrylic) to fill the sketch, then allow this paint to dry so you can do the next thing.

    Take a clean wet cloth and  remove the marks of fabric marking pen by rubbing it on the t-shirt.

    After removing the pen marks, take a clean cloth of cotton and lay it over the t-shirt.

    Now press this t-shirt with an iron by setting it on silk mode. During ironing, this cotton cloth will not only prevent the paint from chipping, but also allow the paint to set. So keep this cloth between the iron and t-shirt all the time.

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