How to Create a Pocahontas Costume

Have you ever wanted to simulate the costume of Pocahontas; a real-life Native American princess from the Powhatan tribe?

If not, rest assured that making a Pocahontas costume at home is not a very difficult task and you can always try it at home. However, it is imperative for you to know some basic sewing skills. Moreover, you should be good with fabric measurements.

Things Required:

– Several yards of tan ultra suede
– Plastic “pony” beads in many different colours
– Fabric paint pens
– Large feather
– Face paint
– Moccasins or sandals
– Pocahontas accessories
– Tape measure
– Sewing machine
– Pair of scissors


  • 1

    Use a tape measure to determine the distance between your knees and shoulders. Length of the fabric you want to make equals double the distance you just measured. Fold over a large piece fabric in a double layer and lay it out. Make use of selvages on both sides of the folded fabric if required.

  • 2

    In order to cut up the length of fabric, measure the perimeter of the widest part of your body. Add 4 inches to this length and then divide the result by 2. You will need to use this measurement as a reference for cutting up the piece of fabric to an accurate length.

  • 3

    Create the neck-line of the costume by cutting out a half-circle in the centre part of the top fold cut. Secure the neckline by sewing over it.

  • 4

    Starting from the bottom of the fabric, sew all the way up, leaving about 6 inches unstitched fabric on both sides. This space will be used for the arm holes.

  • 5

    To make the skirt look like an inverted "triangular" hem, trim the bottom of the skirt. Then, use a pair of scissors, cut up about 3 inches of fabric all along the hem. Every two or three fringes, slide on plastic beads of different colours to create a beautiful border line.

  • 6

    Make a sash or belt for the costume using a strip of fabric wide and long enough to serve the aforesaid purpose. Cut another piece of fabric for use as a headband if desired.

  • 7

    Use a paint fabric marker to decorate the costume with Native American inspired designs or pictograms. You may use markers of more than one shade if desired.

  • 8

    If your hair is long, wear it in two braids, using headband tied across the forehead to prevent hair spreading all over your face. Get a true Indian Princess look by sticking a feather in hair at the back of the head. Apply face paints if desired.

  • 9

    Finally, complete the costume by making necklaces and bracelets using leftover beads. A pair of simple sandals would be the ideal footwear for a Pocahontas costume.

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