What Are Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are durable and gauze like tissues that are used in dryers at the time of drying clothes to make them soft, not cling together and add some fragrance to them. Chemicals on the sheets work to soften the clothes in the dryer, which then are easier to pull apart, press and stay soft and wrinkle free. Dryer sheets or tissues work against the negative electrons that clothes attack while being dried, and the clothes which attract negative electrons, also known as static clings, are difficult to pull from each other.


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    Dryer sheets are used in dryer while drying clothes which are hard and exposed to attracting negative electrons. It makes them cling together and difficult to pull from each other once dried.

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    Dryer sheets can be bought from the shops where other laundry supplies are available. They are not used most commonly than before and it is likely that you can easily get them on the shop counter.

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    Dryer sheets come in different forms, and also with fragrance and fragrance free. If you are allergic to some perfumes contents, better ask for fragrance free dryer sheets. They are easily available.

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    Dryer sheets can also be used in mini-blinds. They can effectively reduce or remove dust gathered on them. You will just have to rub the dryer sheets gently on them, and they work fine.

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    People also use dryer sheets to wipe off the clinging content and dust on TV and computer screens. Just wipe these screens gently and they are as effectively cleaned as other household items.

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    Dryer sheets can also be used to wipe off soap scum off the shower doors. It is one of the most effectively used methods for cleaning your shower door, which quickly develops scum on it.

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    Sometimes people also use them to remove hair from chairs and clothes. If you have a pet at home like cat, they can quickly leave their hair on the furniture and your clothes, and they can be cleaned with these tissues.

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    For large families the element of cost can become a problem in use of dryer sheets. A large dryer load will consume more dryer sheets, which are very expensive.

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