How to Make a Balloon Cowboy Hat

Sculpting and modelling different things out of balloons is a fun hobby for people of almost all age groups. The fact that balloons are inexpensive makes this hobby one of the best pastimes. A cowboy hat is one of many hat types you can make using balloons. The technique you will have to follow is very simple and with enough practice, you will be able to make a perfect balloon cowboy hat in literally no time at all.

Things Required:

– 3 Balloons


  • 1

    Start by making a basic balloon hat. You can use balloons of any desired colour. In order to make a basic balloon hat, take a long balloon and twist a small bubble into the end that has the knot. To determine the perimeter of the hat, wrap the long end of the balloon around your head and pinch at the point where the balloon makes contact with the small bubble that you just made. To give a circular shape to the balloon, wrap the small bubble around it. Create one more bubble at the end opposite to the knot end and wrap the second bubble around the centre of the balloon loop.

  • 2

    Take another long balloon, inflate it and find the centre by folding the balloon in equal halves. Carefully twist the second balloon at its centre point and then make a connection between one end of the basic balloon hat that you made in the previous step and the second balloon’s twisted point. Bring one of the two ends of the long balloon over the top of the balloon hat and then connect this end of the long balloon with the bubble end of the hat. Do the same with the other end of the long balloon. Just make sure that one portion of the basic balloon hat falls directly in the centre of two portions of the long balloon that were created when you arched it.

  • 3

    Pull down both portions of the second long balloon until two outer portions of the basic balloon hat are properly straddled.

  • 4

    Hold one of the second long balloon arches at a point about one third of the total length of the arch on either side. Make the brim of the balloon cowboy hat by pinching the balloon and then pressing it up only a tiny bit. Repeat the same process for the other arch.

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