How to Tie a Silk Scarf

Silk shawls and scarves are a perfect accessory especially for women. You can change your image after wearing a different colour scarves or knowing the ways to tie them differently every alternate day. There are several ways to tie a scarf depending upon your personality.

Scarf is a modern and stylish design, which is usually available in any woman’s wardrobe. In the winter, it will give you warmth feeling and act as a shelter from the wind, and in the spring and fall, it will act as a beautiful addition to dresses.


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    With a silk scarf, you can make a simple outfit, consisting of a jacket and trousers or skirt, look ​​more beautiful. To do this, place the square of fabric so that the ends are directed to the right and to the left. Wrap them in the center to form a tissue, forming a vertical stripe. Put it on the neck so that the lower ends of the scarf are leaning downside. Place the right end to the left and pass it through the resulting loop. Now try to make a knot.

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    The most popular version of tying a scarf is a simple loop. Fold the scarf in half and fling it around the neck so that the ends are ahead.

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    With the help of an unusual compact, scarf can be turned into jewellery for evening attire. Roll the scarf to form a tube and put it on your neck. Hold one end of the scarf and begin to wrap, place it around the base of the neck in a spiral shape.

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    You cannot only tie this beautiful accessory around the neck but also around the head. Fold the scarf into a long flat strip. Wrap it around your head so that the ends are in the center of the forehead. Attach it with a thin rubber band. Take the remaining part of the handkerchief back and tie the knot under the hair.

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