How to Make a Curling Ribbon Bow

Gifts become more presentable and attractive when properly wrapped. There are various ways in which you can add a beautiful finish to a gift box, making a curling ribbon bow being one of them. Making a curling ribbon bow is a very simple task. However, you will have to practice a few times before you can master this technique. A spool of ribbon and a pair of scissors is all you will need. Here is how you can make a beautiful curling ribbon bow to enhance the looks of a gift box.


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    You would need about 8 strands of curling ribbon. The length of each length should be enough to wrap completely around the box, make the bow and 8 inch ends should still remain. You will have to consider the dimensions of the box which you are gift wrapping in order to come up with curling ribbon strands of appropriate length. You may want to use more than one colour to make the wrapping even more attractive. Just make sure that the colours you use complement the colour of the box you are wrapping.

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    Place the gift box on a flat surface and wrap it up with the ribbons strands. On the front part of the box, the long ribbon ends should join and assume the shape of a plus sign.

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    Ask another person to firmly hold the wrapped ribbon in place and secure the ribbon by means of a double knot. Make a bow out of the ribbon, the same way you would tie a shoe lace.

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    Cut the ribbon at the point where it curls to form the loops of the bow. Doing this will straighten the ribbon strands so that they can be curled.

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    Use a pair of scissors to make curls at the end of all the ribbon pieces. This can be accomplished by one of the scissor blades between your forefinger and thumb of the dominant hand, bringing each ribbon in contact with the blade by holding it under your thumb and then pulling the blade until the whole length of the ribbon has passed between your thumb and the blade.

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    For a denser ribbon bow, attach more curling ribbon. Cut a few pieces of curling ribbon approximately 14 inches in length. Tie these pieces to the already knotted curling ribbon bow. Curl any additional pieces of ribbon as you did in the earlier step.

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