How to Take the Best Care of Your Toddler’s Clothing

Raising children is not an easy task as you have to put extra effort in everything. As they are not old enough to understand what is good or bad for them, so you will have to take care of their belongings such as books, toys, clothes and other items.

Especially, when it comes to clothes they are careless and never understand that their activities will turn their dress into trash. However, by doing couple of things you can learn how to take care of your toddler’s clothes so that they can be worn again.


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    Use ice water on stains:

    First of all, you should tell them to avoid getting dirt or food stains on their clothes. Hardly something can stop them from getting these stains so you should be prepared for such things. You must not set aside such clothes rather use ice water immediately on the stains. This will not only help you in removing these marks but you will also be able to wash these clothes with much less effort.

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    Do not launder clothes too often:

    The most common mistake people make is to launder their kids’ clothes too often. You must know that chemicals in the detergents weaken the fibre of the fabric. Sometimes, you can make them clean by just removing the stains and dirt. You may consider dry cleaning to increase their life but it will be bit expensive.

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    Do not use dryer:

    You should avoid using dryers as they fade the colours. The best way to dry your toddler's clothes is to put them under sunlight. Moreover, drying them under sunlight is lot healthier method as compared to using a dryer.

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    Hang immediately after washing:

    Do not make piles of clothes rather you should hang them immediately after taking out of washing machine. Dampness not only causes the clothes to smell but also germs which can affect your kids. To avoid any unwanted situation, you should place them under the sunlight without any delay. If you will dry them in the proper way then their threads won’t lose grip.

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    Do not iron while they are damp:

    You must not iron your kids clothes while they are still damp. This will ruin their shape and perhaps the size as well. Similarly, using hangers to dry them out can also damage their shape.

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    Place all the garments in drawers:

    Last but not the least; you should keep your toddler’s clothes in drawers properly. Fold them by using the seams of your clothes and place them in the drawers.

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