How to Remove Deodarant Lines from Clothes

Putting on a deodorant before wearing your shirt is extremely important, especially in summer. Sweating is a natural process and sometimes, it leaves an ill smell. Therefore, the use of deodorant is really crucial.

However, the deodorants usually give smudges to your shirts. Even if the colour of the shirt is dark, such stains look really bad. Nevertheless, it is hard to stop using deodorant just because of this reason.

There is nothing to worry about. By using a few simple tricks, you can get deodorant off your clothes. It is not a hard procedure, if you know the real trick.


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    Usually, you will find pesky deodorant smudges on the arms of your shirt. You should try getting rid of these stains as soon as you see them. It becomes slightly difficult to remove the smudge, if it is a few days old.

    Place your shirts on an even surface and identify the smudged areas. Now, fold another section of the same cloth right over the stained portion. It is always better to use the inner side of the cloth.

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    It is time to start rubbing the smudged area with the second fold of the cloth. Do it very gently at the start. You will see that the deodorant will slowly start coming out. In case the gentle rubbing does not work, rub a bit harder.

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    Keep rubbing the material until the smudge is gone. It is the easiest way to remove such stains.

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    If this simple trick does not work, you don’t need to throw away your shirt. There are others ways to tackle this problem. Using a magic eraser is another simple method of removing antiperspirant/deodorant.

    The magic eraser is actually a white foamy sponge that is easily available in the market. Including Mr. Clean, there are several brands available locally.

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    The use of magic eraser is pretty simple. It is not a good idea to use the same sponge time and again. Therefore, buy a new one. It is not much expensive.

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    Use the eraser on the area, where the mark is present. Hold the sponge softly and start rubbing at the top of the patch. Slowly come down, making sure that you don’t press it too much. If the mark is stubborn, add water to the eraser.

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