What Shoes To Wear with Leggings

There are many trends that hit the scene and we want to wear them but are not sure on how to carry them. Leggings are one of those trends that need to be paired with the right shoes and tops in order to look trendy. Leggings are comfortable and flatter a woman’s body. This article focuses in the shoes to wear with leggings. There are some rules; dos and don’ts that you need to follow. We need to remember that they are not pants and the shoes or tops that look good with pants might not look great with these. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice and avoid fashion disasters.


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    It is usually said that you should avoid bulkier shoes like sneakers. Lightweight shoes really work well with tight silhouettes. Flats will complement tights perfectly. They are available in different colors, patterns, shapes; designs etc. Do not go for open toe flats with leggings as they give choppy look. Solid colors are the safest choice. If you are bulky around the ankles, do not choose very flashy flats as you do not want to attract attention.

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    Heels & Pumps

    Heels definitely look good with tights but there are some rules you need to follow. Wear heels only if it is a formal occasion and your top complements the heel. If your top is baggy and casual, then heels would look very odd. Wear classy yet trendy heels to give a stylish look. You do not want to end up looking like a flashback from the 80s.

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    Boots are a great combination with leggings in the cold weather. You need to keep in mind that the leggings need to be tucked in the boots. If there is skin in between it will look odd. Also wear a shorter top if you are wearing boots so that some leg is exposed. If you have long legs, calf length boots will look stylish. Ankle boots are a good choice as long as the leggings are long.

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    Sandals give a very chic look to an outfit. Strappy sandals are a safe choice. If the leggings are short, gladiator sandals will look trendy. Make sure you chose the right flip flop , it should complement the top you are wearing otherwise it will give an out of place look.

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