How to Put Rubber Bands on Your Pants

Many people face problem in finding a pant that is completely fit for their waist and also for their legs. Those who a little fat, always get in trouble because it becomes difficult for them to find perfect sized pants. If they find it appropriate on waist then it becomes loose from the legs. However, the solution for this problem is rubber bands which are used for making the pants perfectly fit from the waist. So, just put rubber band on your pants and enjoy the comfort of a perfect size. Keep reading to learn more in this regard.


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    First of all, you need to turn your pants inside-out and put it on a table or hard and balanced surface. You should press out if there are any wrinkles or folds on your pants.

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    Then you should fold the top of your pants which should be nearly to your waist. Fold it one inch over your waist and then fold again for one inch. It will help you to put the rubber band easily.

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    Now you should take a rubber band which should be of best quality as it will help you in making your pants perfectly fit on your waist.

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    Before putting the rubber band on your pants, you should place it around your waist in order to check the size of rubber band. Make sure it should not be too much tight or too much loose at the waist.

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    After wrapping it around your waist for checking the size of rubber band, you should cut it with scissors by leaving one more inch on the rubber band. This one-inch extra length will help you in accommodating your pants in a desired way.

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    However, it you find that the extra one inch is not appropriate and it has loosened the grip on your waist, then you can cut it afterwards.

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    After that, you should sew the both ends of the rubber band together. Make sure your sewing machine is capable to sew the rubber band.

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    Now you should place the rubber band inside the fold of your pants that you have already made. Make sure that rubber band is encased in your pants’ fabric.

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    Then you should sew the bottom fold of your pants and then the top end of the fold in order to encase the rubber band in the folds of your pants. Then turn your pants to the right side and it is ready to wear.

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