How to Wash Jeans without Fading or Shrinking

Dark denim jeans are a very common fashion trend these days. They are extremely useful as they are comfortable to dress up for outdoor or indoor events. Taking care of your jeans without fading or shrinking can be quite challenging but is totally worth the effort. It is important to make sure you wash jeans separate from other clothes as the colour might fade. If you want to learn how to wash jeans without fading or shrinking then follow these important techniques for help.

Things Required:

– Freezer
– Tide Spot cleaner
– Color protecting soap


  • 1

    Do not wash jeans too often

    The jeans will fade very quickly if you throw them in the washer and dryer each time you wear them. As a result of this, only wash them if they get really dirty. If you want them to stay new, try not to wash them at all or just once a week. On the other hand, if you cannot bear the thought of not washing the outfit, only wash them after you wear them 4 to 5 times. Another way to make them seem new and clean is to spot clean if required. Be aware of the fact that Tide spot cleaners are ideal for this type of work.

  • 2

    Put the jeans in the freezer

    A lot of people who just love their jeans keep them in the freezer rather than washing or drying them. This way you can get rid of the bad odours you have on the jeans. In addition to this, you can avoid them going to the washer or dryer. Remember if you absolutely have to wash your jeans (the freezer will not remove the stains) hand wash them in cold water with a mild colour protecting detergent. Do not use a dryer and hang them outside on the line to prevent the fabric from shrinking or fading.

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    Further instructions

    If you just love your jeans, go to a dry cleaner to get them cleaned. This is a very good and effective alternative. The dry cleaner can wash your jeans and get rid of the dirty stains without fading the colour or shrinking the fabric. Try to go to a good quality dry cleaning service for better results.

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