How to Keep Your Clothes Looking New

Have you wondered why some people around you in various social gathering look like they get new clothing every day? Are you seriously covetous of how they keep themselves up-to-date and seem stylish by putting on new clothes every time? No need to wonder or get jealous of them anymore as you it your turn this time to rock them.  They actually do not wear news clothes every time as it not an affordable activity at all, it is basically technique they use to keep their clothes look for longer period of time. Keeping your clothes look new is one of the simplest and easiest tasks than you may think. With a slight care, concentration and gentleness, you can keep your clothing new for long period of time.


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    Use cold water for washing purpose

    Warm water used in the washing of clothes wear the fabric of your clothes out faster as compared to cold water. Make sure to use either lukewarm or cold water for washing your clothes to make them look every time.

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    Use good quality detergent

    The better the quality of your detergent, the newer will be your clothes for longer period of time. In order to save few dollars on the buying of detergent, you simply cannot afford to spoil your expensive clothing. So always buy fine quality detergent for washing your clothes.

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    Wash your clothes inside out

    It is much better idea to wash your clothes with their inside out as it is useful and simple activity to reduce the chances of wear and tear on the external side of your clothes.

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    Avoid Excessive Sunlight

    Do not select too sunny area for hanging your clothes after washing them as sunlight fades away the colors of clothing. Either you wash your shoes or clothes, place them in such an area that receives medium sunlight.

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    Avoid Fabric Softener

    You may of view that your fabric softeners are useful for your clothes, but you might not be aware of its disadvantages. It can increase the changes of wear and tear on your clothes as it is a basically a mixture of various chemicals.

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    Reduce the use of bleach

    Bleach is considered effective to maintain the whiteness of the clothes and to do away with various color stains, but it can eat away the fabric of your expensive and delicate clothes. Therefore, it is always better to keep the quality of bleach as little as you can while washing clothes.

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    Stain Removing Formula

    If your clothes contain some tough stains like grass, blood or ink, then make sure to apply some good quality of stain remover to them before placing them in the washing machine. All you have to do is, dab the stains with stain-remover and then soak them in lukewarm water for some time. Now place them in washing machine or wash them with hands.

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    Air Dry Clothes

    Air-dry your clothes as much as possible in order to retain the original color of your clothes for longer period of time. Air-drying doesn’t mean to hang them in extreme sunlight. Medium ranges' sunlight is enough.

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    Decrease the use of washing machine dryer

    Washing machine dryer is used to squeeze he possible water from your clothes, but it can damage the threads of your clothes as well. Therefore it is always suggested to decrease the use of dryer as much as possible. However, clothing with thick material like jeans, jackets and heavy cotton can be placed in dryer.

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    Always Hang your Clothes

    Always hang your clothes once you put them off as you would be able to wear them for the second time. It helps in keeping them new for longer period of time and save energy as well. On the other hand, if you throw the clothes here and there in the room, they will get wrinkles on them and frequent ironing can fade away their color, making them look dull.

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    Dry Clean your clothes - if afford

    The chances of cloth demage are less in dry cleaning as compared to washing them in hand or washing machine. Therefore dry clean your clothes if you can afford as it involves the use of effective techniques that help in retaining the original color of your clothes for longer period of time.

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    Avoid light color clothes during rainy season

    Avoid light color clothes during rain as the stains of mud take time and involves more rubbing with various chemicals to get removed. You can put on dark color clothes and long boots to avoid mud stains and to keep clothes newer for long time. Skinny jeans and tights are good to go.

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