How to Wash & Dry Delicate Silk & Lace

Silk is the royalty and luxury that your body deserves. This fine fabric is smooth to the touch and lets your body breathe through. Since it pampers you so well, it demands the same treatment in return. You cannot just toss silk dresses into the washing machine with other coarse ones and get done with the job. The washing and drying techniques for silk are a bit different than other materials and require more care. If you do not follow them, you will end up ruining your stuff and lamenting over it. Our step by step guide has all the precautions you need to take while dealing with silk products.


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    Hand Wash:

    Follow the washing instructions regarding method of wash, water and detergent. Hand wash is usually the best alternative. Soak the clothes in soapy cool water for five minutes. Rub lightly against the stains to clear them off. Rinse with cool water.

    Machine Wash:

    If you are using the machine, wash the silk alone in its load and use cold water for the wash. Use a short and gentle cycle. Do not put delicate silk in to the machine with other rough clothes. It will damage their fiber and ruin the color. Use a light detergent for washing as silk stains are usually easy to clear.

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    Use an absorbent surface like towel to get rid of the excess water in the silk. Never wring the fabric to drain the water. It will cause damage to the knits. Air dry on a hanger or drying rack. However, do not place it in a place which has direct bright sunlight, because it will fade the color. Do not use the dryer. The heat will damage the silk. Never iron a silk carelessly. Cover it with another material and iron over it or do it at the lowest temperature to smooth out the wrinkles.

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    Dry Clean:

    Some silk products have clear instructions on their tag about their wash method. Dry cleaning services are the best alternative to preserve your silk products. This way you will have an assurity that you are treating your fabric well.

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