How to Wear a Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dresses are famous for parties, especially when it comes to a cocktail party, a formal or a semi-formal one. Women prefer these dresses whenever men are required to wear black, grey or blue dresses.

Cocktail dresses are often long and are available in different types, the most prominent being tea length, ballerina and evening gown. A tea length cocktail dress is usually 2 inches above the ankle level while a ballerina dress reaches the ankles. The length of evening gowns vary between the ankle and toes of a woman; therefore in some cases, people categorise ballerina under evening gown.


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    Choose the type of cocktail dress

    First of all, you should put some thought in deciding the type of cocktail dress you want to wear. This should be entirely dependent on the occasion and the dress theme. It is important that you should carefully analyse the event and then choose a cocktail dress for yourself. If you have friends joining you at the party, ask them about the type of cocktail dresses they are going to wear.

    If it is a cocktail party, then you can wear any type of cocktail dress, but if the occasion is a bit formal, then you might prefer wearing a ballerina.

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    Wear at late afternoon parties

    You should not hesitate in wearing cocktail dresses at late afternoon parties. The cocktail dress is all about entertainment, style and comfort, and you should not hesitate in waking it out of your collection every now and then.

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    Wear between 6 pm to 9pm

    Most of the formal and semi formal dinners or parties take place between 6 pm to 9 pm; and it is strongly suggested that you should wear the dress in such events.

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    Prefer dull colours

    Cocktail dresses look fabulous in the dull and conservative colours. Prefer colours like black, red, purple, and dark blue. Cocktail dresses in shocking and light colours can literally change the mood of the whole party, which may become awkward for you.

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    Wear accessories

    Do not forget to wear accessories like bracelets and other jewellery items with your cocktail dress. You should also consider wearing sequined heel with it as this will add to your overall look.

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