How to Make a Predator Costume

Generally, predator costumes are worn on special occasion like the Halloween and the demand for predator costumes has grown over the years. Increased demand means increased price and that is why predator costumes are very expensive these days. A typical costume may cost you hundreds of dollars. But you can save all that money by making a predator costume on your own.


– Picture of a Predator
– Black spandex pants
– Black spandex top
– Permanent silver marker
– Plastic armor
– Clay
– A pair of legwarmers
– Plain face mask
– Permanent black marker
– Black hiking boots
– Fake finger nails


  • 1

    Download picture of a predator costume from the internet. There will be thousands available on the world wide web. Choose a picture that you like the most and get it printed for use as a reference.

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    Most predators featured in science fiction movies have scales on their bodies. So the first thing you need to is to draw scales on the spandex pants and spandex top. Use a permanent silver marker for the job. Starting from the top and working your way down, draw U-shaped scales in layers, with one layer overlapping the other.

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  • 3

    Now you need to create a replica of the armor worn by predators in science fiction movie. Apply a layer of molded clay on plastic armor to create the desired replica. To give the armor a more natural look, use football shoulder pads to replicate the piece that covers both chest and shoulders of a predator.

  • 4

    Cut the legwarmers to a length of 5 inches and use them to cover the knees area. Make sure that the legwarmers are not longer than 5 inches because in that case they will cover most part of the spandex pants, hiding the scales you drew in the first step and giving the costume an incomplete look.

  • 5

    To replicate a predator's face mask, apply a layer of clay on a plain face mask. After the clay dries, mark the mask using a permanent black marker.

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  • 6

    Most components of your predator costume are ready. Put on the silver marker scaled spandex items followed by the plastic armor and legwarmers. Lace up the pair of black hiking boots and to have a close resemblance with a predator, secure fake fingernails. To complete the predator look, wear the replicated face mask.

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