How to Dress For an Evening Wedding

Evening weddings are usually more formal than those held in the day. As a result, it can get tricky when you are getting ready to dress for an evening wedding. You should pay close attention to the location and the dress code on the card as it can save you from the embarrassment of being under dressed. Remember that there are a number of ways to dress for an evening wedding and carry it off successfully. Follow some important guidelines to understand how to dress for an evening wedding.


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    Wear decent clothes

    Try to put on clothes that you would wear for dinner at an expensive or lavish restaurant. Try to find out the dress code for the evening. If it is formal then wear a black tie and a tuxedo and for women, a floor length gown is sufficient. On the other hand, black tie optional suggests that people can wear anything. In this case, men can wear dark suits and women can put on a short cocktail dress. The goal is to look good by wearing dark colours. Furthermore, casual attire will never be mentioned on the invitation. However, if the wedding is outdoors then forget the heels and wear something comfortable.

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    Check the venue of the wedding

    See where the wedding will be held. If the venue is quite formal then women should wear a formal dress and men can wear a nice suit. In order to find out if the venue is formal, you can visit its website before the wedding to know how fancy it is.

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    Further instructions

    For women it is important to consider the length of your dress. Make sure you know that a mini skirt is quite informal and inappropriate for most weddings. Also, it is best not to wear miniskirts on an evening wedding. Instead put on a skirt that is knee or tea length. Be aware of the fact that darker colours are fashionable for evening weddings. An old custom is to wear black dresses to the wedding but things have changed drastically over the years. Find something formal and elegant to be on the safe side.

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