How to Accessorize a Plain White T-shirt

White T-shirt is one of the most important accessorize when it comes to your wardrobe no matter if you are a boy or a girl. The best thing about a plain white T-shirt is that you can accessorize it in certain ways that can give you a totally new look. With a very few additions, you can make your white plain T-shirt very fashionable. And the most amazing thing is that there are no hard and fast rules about accessorizing your plain white T-shirt.

With a very few additions and accessories, you can make your plain white T-shirt a party dress. Following these simple steps, you can make your shirt from boring to colourful.


  • 1

    Add accessories

    A simple white shirt won’t catch a lot of attraction towards you no matter how pretty you are. Add some colour splash to it, some jewellery to go with it but keep this is mind that you are doing just accessorizing it, not transforming it. So keep it real and simple. A bracelet or a slim and sleek watch can help a lot as well.

  • 2

    Search your closet

    First of all decide where you are going. School, college, office, a meeting or planning to hang out with your buddies. A plain white T-shirt with skinny jeans can do wonders for you if you are not much into accessorizing.

  • 3

    Check the weather

    You have to check the weather before stepping out. If it’s cold and freezing, you cannot just simple go out wearing a T-shirt with shorts. Add boots, muffler, and a hoodie with a plain white T-shirt can be a good idea. But in summers you can just simple go out wearing a plain white T-shirt with shorts or trouser.

  • 4

    Do something with your hair

    Your hair can make or break your day. A good looking hairstyle can make you look prettier even with a simple white T-shirt. However, decide about your hair keeping in mind the occasion you are planning to go to.

  • 5

    Make up

    This step is only for girls because let’s face it; a boy wouldn’t want to wear makeup wearing a simple plain T-shirt. Being an actor is a completely different case. Girls need to thoroughly think about their makeup as in what kind of makeup would suit with a simple white T-shirt.

  • 6

    Put yourself together

    After all the above mentioned steps are completed, means that your outfit is ready and you are ready to rock the party. Step out and enjoy.

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