How to Wear One Shoulder Dresses

One shoulder dresses are very trendy nowadays and can look extremely beautiful if worn properly. Like any other dress, it should fit properly and not be too figure fitting to keep that comfort factor in there. The best thing about one shoulder dresses definitely has to be the fact that they can be worn to both formal and informal occasions depending on the style and prints.

In order to complement your one shoulder dress, choosing the right shoes to go along with it and makeup definitely make the dress shine out, ultimately setting you apart from the rest of the people. That is what you want, is it not?

Things Required:

– Strapless bra
– Accessories (Optional)
– Double-sided fashion tape


  • 1

    Try them on

    The best way to choose a one shoulder dress, or anyone like you usually would, is to actually try them out because not being one that properly fits later on will only be a reason for frustration later on. It should be a dress that is comfortable and easy to wear for you. Walk around in it and let it move around on your body to see how it reacts in different situations like if you were sitting down or bending over.

  • 2

    The Bra Should Match

    While the bra may not be intended to be seen, but sometimes a little of it can pop out. If it is not matching the style and color of your dress, it will just ruin the overall look you have worked so hard in preparing. If the dress has a low backline, just a stick-on pasty bra, which is not that hard to find and is most commonly found at lingerie stores.

  • 3

    Do Not Cover the Open Shoulder

    The whole point of wearing a one shoulder dress is to show they part of the body off in order to complement the style of the dress you are wearing. So do not think about wearing a jacket, shawl or anything else that will cover that part up.

  • 4

    Accessorize your Look

    Accessories work great with a one shoulder dress because they really stand out due to the open shoulder area. Simple accessories should be used instead of the real flamboyant ones because in the end, you will be looking to show off the dress more than have people focusing on the accessories. Accessories are just meant to add on the overall look.

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