How to Keep Shoe Laces Tied

Shoe laces are long strings that are mostly made out of clothes that serve the purpose of keeping your shoes well tied to your feet. These play vital parts in different aspects of its purpose. In  the contact games, where there is a bigger use of the leg muscles, players often use standardized shoes that are only built and made up for them for the specific purpose of suiting them in the matter. In this case, players can’t afford to get their laces untied as it may affect their performance in the games.


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    The first step in keeping your shoe laces tied is to make sure that you know that what way of tying your shoe laces you are adapting. There are several ways of tying the shoe laces and it solely depends upon the person who is wearing the shoes. Many people even prefer wearing shoes that don’t even have laces so the life is easier for that sort of people who like to wear such shoes. But in sports such as football, laces are must as almost the entire game is to be played by the action of the foot and if the laces are not there or the laces are not tied properly, then there is a major chance that the accuracy of a person is affected in the game.

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    Now is the step in which you have to select the method in which you are going to tie your shoe laces. For this, the best way is to go on the internet and select the websites that show you the best method of keeping your shoe laces tied. Select a method that suits you and is easier to apply. Also make sure that the method of tying the laces is effective as if the laces get untied again and again then this is going to bother you a lot.

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    Now wear your shoes and apply the method of tying your shoes laces that you have just learnt. Make sure that you follow the instructions in the right manner.

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    Next, you will have to make sure that the laces are tied properly. To ensure this and to make sure that these will not keep getting untied, give the laces 2 extra knots and tie them tightly.

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    Finally, keep your laces into the pocket that has been allotted for them. This will make sure that they don’t hand around freely and may be opened by any sort of contact made in the game.

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