How to Make Skinhead Bleachers Bleached Pants

Bleach is mostly used as a household cleaner, but its ability to wash out colours gives it other uses as well. In parlours it is used in hair colour and styling, while it has a whitening effect on most clothes. However, the same effect can be used to give your jeans a washed out look. Skinhead bleachers are pants that have been bleached sporadically to give them a funky look. These bleached pants look more like a camouflaged pair of pants, but instead of the typical green colour, these come in blue. Since skinhead bleachers are quite expensive, you can try to bleach your own at home, using a few household items.

Things Required:

– Jeans
– Bleach
– Bucket
– Water
– Soap


  • 1

    Take a bucket or tub large enough to soak the pair of pants completely. For one pair of pants, even a medium sized bucket will be enough. However, if you are bleaching two or more pairs of pants then go for a larger one.

  • 2

    Fill the bucket half or one third with a good quality bleach. Make sure you do not fill the bucket to the brim, otherwise it will overflow once you will soak the pants in it.

  • 3

    Now take the pair of pants you want to dye and ball them tightly. When balling the pants, do not fold them, because skinhead bleachers are dyed sporadically to give them a casual and informal look.

  • 4

    Tie up the balled pants carefully, making sure the bleach does reach the inner parts of your pants, otherwise they will not give a typical camouflaged look.

  • 5

    After you have properly balled and tied the pants, place them in the bucket containing bleach and let them soak in it for four to five hours. Make sure the pair of pants is completely submerged in the bleach.

  • 6

    Remove the pants from the bleach and wash them thoroughly with soap and water.

  • 7

    Rinse the pants thoroughly under running water and let them air dry.

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