Colors To Wear With Yellow Shoes

Yellow shoes can make you look really sexy and prominent regardless of your height. Shiny yellow attracts every eye, therefore it is a great idea to wear these flat or high-heel shoes when you plan to make an impact.

But things are not as simple as they sound. You cannot wear anything with yellow shoes. So, be really careful about the entire outfit. A lot of thought has to be given to the clothes and accessories to be worn with yellow shoes. We have detailed some of the basic combinations for you.


  • 1

    Purple Shorts and White Shirt

    The best idea is to pair yellow with another trendy summer colour, such as bluish purple and white. With flat yellow shoes, put on blue/purple shorts with a nice round-neck white shirt. To add more spice, wrap a thin yellow belt around your waist. The large size yellow sunglasses could make things even more fascinating.

    A brown cap can make you look cute, but the best option is to go out with loose hair.

  • 2

    Tight Jeans and Grey Shirt

    Another fantastic combination with yellow shoes is dark tight jeans and white/grey shorts. This dress is highly recommended if you have high-heel yellow shoes, as it will highlight the beauty of your heels. Hang a light brown bag over your arm and walk with grace.

  • 3

    Black Long Shirt

    Nothing is better than a black long shirt for a classy formal look. Add more elegance to your personality by adding accessories like black clutch and long earrings. This dress looks awesome with extra long heels.

    Loose hair is not a good idea with this outfit and you should try to give a formal style to your hair. You can also look really graceful by trying a silver necklace.

  • 4

    Yellow Top

    A light yellow top will look beautiful on shocking yellow shoes. You can try a light coloured shirt or jeans beneath.

    Loose hair are highly recommended with this outfit. In order to be more casual, you can try a yellow wrist band or a handbag. No matter what colour you are wearing with yellow shoes, never go with yellow earrings. The yellow earrings, particularly the large ones, can look terrible in this combination.

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