How to Store a Mink Coat At Home

Mink coats have long been a symbol of style, opulence and warmth. They are clothing treasure and have a sentimental value attached to them. Most of them are passed down by generations and are considered heirloom property as they have a long life. Mink coats are also a big investment because the warmth and style they offer comes with a big price tag. For all these reasons, it is important to handle your coat with great care which will prolong its life and last for many years. Since mink coats are in use in winters, they are stored once summers arrive. You need to store them in a careful manner so that they are not ruined and can serve once the weather changes again.

Things Required:

– Wooden coat hanger
– Silk or felt garment bag
– Well-ventilated closet


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    Before you store the coat, clean it with the help of a professional. You obviously do not want to store it all summer with all the accumulated dust and perfume smell. Find a reliable quality furrier in your area and make them clean your coat well. Mink coats are cleaned through a technique known as abrasion and not dry cleaning. After the coat is cleaned, see if it needs any repair that you can be done with before storing it. Do not attempt to do it yourself. Most furriers also include the services in their portfolio.

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    In summer months, it is advised to store your mink coat using a professional furrier. Professionals keep the temperature and humidity level controlled using special vaults. Mink coats demand a temperature below 50 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels below 50%. However, you can also store the coat at home if you do not want to spend on the expensive services.

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    Hang the coat on a wooden coat hanger. Wooden coat hangers help the coat keep its shape. Now wrap it in a silk or felt garment bag which will keep out sunlight and dust away from the coat. Do not use a plastic wrap as it does not allow the coat to breathe.

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    The closet that you choose to store your coat in should be dark and cold. Keep any heaters away from the closet. Keep the room dark so that temperatures are lower. Hang the coat and give it space in the closet, i.e do not stuff the closet with other clothing. Your coat needs to breath!

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