How to Clean Out Your Closet for Spring

Spring is undoubtedly the happiest season of the year. The flowers, birds, weather, everything just fills up a person with joy. However, there is one thing that some people, especially the teenagers really fret, spring cleaning. While the woman of the house handles most of the spring cleaning, it comes down to the child to clean out their closet for spring in order to make room for all the new clothes that they would be buying. Cleaning out the closet is no fun, but since it cannot be avoided, one should simply get down to performing the task as properly as possible.


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    Before you start cleaning out your closet for spring, get yourself plenty of empty boxes and ensure that you have enough space in the house to store those boxes. While a lot of people typically confuse spring cleaning for giving away clothes that they assume they may not be wearing again, probably because of the possibility of them going out of fashion by the time their season returns, storing them away is a more rational approach to cleaning out a closet. You or your parents may have spent some hard-earned money to buy these clothes, so getting rid of them because of a mere assumption seems highly irrational.

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    Open your closet and pull everything out of it. Throwing all your clothes on the bed will make it more convenient for you to go through every single piece of clothing that was lying in your closet, from the jackets, socks, jeans to shirts, sweaters and scarf.

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    Neatly fold the clothes that you plan on wearing in the weeks to come and put them back in the closet. Make sure you organise them properly so that it is easier for you to find what you are looking for later. Also keep in mind that organising clothes neatly create more space in the closet.

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    If there are any clothes that are in really good condition, put them in the box. There is no point in throwing away good clothes. Try to put the different types of winter clothes in different boxes so that it is easier for you to find them later. For convenience, use a marker to label each box, clearly writing “Jackets,””Shirts,””Trousers,” “Mufflers, scarf and gloves,” etc. on them. In case the weather changes drastically during the year, or you plan out a vacation, you will have a much easier time finding your warm clothes.

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    The clothes that you no longer need are best to throw away rather than keeping them in your closet or storing them in boxes. If they are in bad condition, just throw them away. If they are in good condition, put them in a box and give them as charity.

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