How to Wash Silk Ties

When talking about washing a silk tie, we are referring to cleaning it. This is because silk and water do not mix and so you can apply different methods in order to clean your tie. You should not put it in washing machine as the fabric may get damaged. The only solution to this is keeping it clean. However, there are ways in which you can easily clean the silk tie.

Things Required:

– Stains remover
– Talcum powder or cornstarch
– Rubbing alcohol
– Blow dryer
– Gentle soap
– Soft dry towel


  • 1

    Act fast

    In case your silk tie is stained, you need to quickly get rid of it and act fast. You need to pat the stain with dry napkin or use a tissue paper. You should scrape off the stain with help of a knife or you can apply a stain-removing pen. Remember to avoid water as it will damage the silk. You should also apply knife or napkins lightly in order to prevent deepening of the stain on silk.

  • 2

    Apply talcum powder or corn starch

    In case you stain your silk tie with grease then no need to panic. Simply lay the tie on a surface and sprinkle talcum powder or add corn starch over the stained area. Let it stay for three to four hours so the applied item can absorb the grease stains. In case you fail to remove in the first attempt, repeat it.

  • 3

    Use running alcohol

    In case your silk tie is stained with non-grease substance, you should apply rubbing alcohol. Spray over the stained area and then gently stroke over. You should blow dry after this in order to prevent wrinkles.

  • 4

    Use soap

    In case the above methods fail, you can take a piece of cloth and put soap on it. Use the cloth to remove the stain by rubbing. Continue stroking until the stain goes. However, you should stop if you see no effect.

  • 5

    Dry cleaner

    In the end, you can take the silk tie to a dry cleaner if nothing else works. You should look out for a specialist which works with tie in order to avoid damaging of silk.

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