How to Look Like Megan Fox

Megan fox became a head turner after appearing in the transformers. She is voted among the sexiest women of the world. Magazines, media, the news and internet is filled with pictures of her. Guys find her hot and girls want to be like her. Her last name really does suit her, she is a foxy lady. Megan openly talks about how she keeps herself fit and the way she is. She usually dresses up casually but takes the breath away of everyone when she shows skin on the red carpet. She sure does steal the limelight. If you want to be more like her, here are some tips that you should follow.


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    Megan Fox’s figure is definitely to die for. She has a long, lean and well maintained body. Such a figure is God gifted to very few; you need to work hard for it. The first step is to join a gym. You need to be in shape like her. Do a combination of strength and cardio exercises. Try to do squats and Pilates; she also does weight lifting and long brisk walks. She also takes smaller meals throughout the day to keep her metabolism running and never skips on breakfast so follow a diet pattern like her.

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    Megan’s tan is very famous. So in order to appear like her you need to get a tan. You could simply lay out in the sun if you live in a sunny area. There are tanning lotions available to get fake tans and they can last for many days, if applied properly. Salons also offer spray tans which give a natural touch and glow to the body. To give your face a perfect tan, use a bronzer lightly on chin, cheeks, nose and forehead.

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    Megan has long hair so you should either grow it out naturally or get hair extensions. Get your hair dyed brown at the salon or if you can do it yourself. To copy her hairstyle, part your hair and blow dry to give it volume. Also give your head a shake so that a messy look forms.

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    She usually dresses very casually. So wear jeans a lot with fitted t-shirts or tank tops. You should also choose day dresses which are short and sleeveless, go for pink, black, white or red. She is seen wearing sneakers or sandals with the jeans or wear heels with the dresses. An everyday messenger bag is another essential that you should carry like her.

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