How to Be a Bald and Beautiful Woman

Many women nowadays are opting to shave their heads and go completely bald. Some women just get fed up with their hair and having to maintain their styles with countless visits to the salon. Often women that might be losing their hair due to sickness, choose to shave their heads and go bald. Social trends can also influence a woman to shave her head as a trendy or stylish gesture. Most women realise that their hair is a part of them and is often what attracts others. Feeling beautiful is what every woman wants and shaving their heads can sometimes make her feel that she might not be as attractive as she was with hair. Bald women do not need to worry about looking beautiful as it is all a state of mind. If you feel beautiful then you are beautiful.


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    Be Confident:

    Keep your head held up high and walk in a positive manner to show how confident you are as a bald and beautiful woman. Although this can be tough in the beginning after shaving your head, most women understand the importance of being confident and projecting a positive image to those around you. Seeing you confident will send a clear message to others that you are beautiful and confident with being bald.

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    Feel Good About Yourself:

    Feeling good about yourself is an important part of projecting a strong healthy image to others around you. Just because you are bald does not mean that you are a different person or have changed in a drastic manner. When you feel good about yourself, others will become more comfortable with your baldness and ultimately appreciate the fact that you are a beautiful woman.

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    Highlight Other Areas of Your Body:

    It is natural that people with stare at you after you shave your head. However, if you highlight other parts of your face and body then the impact of being bald is a lot less for others. Highlighting your eyes or other feminine aspects of your body will soften the edginess of being bald and show others just how beautiful you are.

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    Use Light Cosmetics:

    It is important to maintain your current make-up routine and not feel the need to use more cosmetics than are required. It is okay to use light make-up and keep it simple so that it does not look like you are trying hard to cover up.

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    It is only Hair:

    For women that are bald it is crucial to remember that it is only hair and most often it will grow back sooner or later. The less you think about being bald, your focus will naturally move somewhere else as others will notice this and not even bother with the fact that you are bald.

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