How to Make a Greek God Costume

While people don’t worship Greek Gods anymore they are part of popular culture, often featuring in books and movies. Their costumes have been associated to what was worn by the Romans and the Greeks in ancient times, including long cloths, sandals and waist belts. Greeks had 13 Gods, so you need to know which God’s costume you will be making, while the basics are the same, you can represent them by the colour of their fabric or accessories depicting the power they each possessed.


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    While making a Greek God costume the most common thing that you will require is a muslin cloth as no matter which Greek God you are aiming to mimic they all had one thing in common and that was a long robe. Remember the cloth should be of the same length as yours and width of outstretched arms.

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    Now you need to make a drape, for which it is important to fold the top 18 to 20 inches of the cloth down.

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    In the next step, fold the cloth in half and sew the two ends of the fabric with a needle and a thread of the same colour as that of the cloth. This will leave you with a circular tube.

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    You now have to pin the top of the fabric tube, for which it is recommended that you use safety pins. The pins should be arranged in such a way to give your arms enough space to slip through.

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    With the broach secured, it is time to slide into the tube.

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    Now for securing your costume and for a heavier Greek God look you can wrap a belt or a rope of golden colour around your waist.

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    Since sandals were the only accepted footwear on Mount Olympus, you need to find yourself a pair. The colour of these sandals should preferably be brown or black.

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    Now to create a laurel, you need to wrap a wire coat hanger on your head, above the ears. Once you fit the size according to your head, remove it and wrap plastic ivy around before use. Although this is not necessarily required, nonetheless, it completes the look of a Greek God.

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    Accessories associated with the God you are depicting cannot be ignored. The 13 Greek Gods were in charge of a single sphere, so for instance if you are depicting Zeus, who was the king of the Greek Gods, and hurled thunderbolts, so you need to make a thunderbolt out of cardboard which will complete your look. Just draw a thunderbolt on a cardboard, cut it according to the outline of your drawing, colour it silver or yellow and it will be ready.

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