How to Build A Maternity Wardrobe

Into the fourth month of pregnancy and your body starts showing it. The old slim fitting clothes will refuse to be worn and you will be looking for maternity clothes which are loose and comfortable. Now this is a tough decision; buying clothes of a different size just for a few months. You will have to build a separate wardrobe to accommodate your maternity clothing needs. Wearing maternity clothes does not mean giving up on fashion. Maternity clothes today are very fashionable and can make you look ravishing combined with the natural motherhood glow on your face.


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    The size:

    Buy clothing that is loose enough to accommodate you and your belly at the peak of pregnancy. Do not make the mistake of buying maternity clothing in the fourth month of pregnancy according to your present fitting. Buy a  size or two larger so that if your tummy grows, you can still use the clothes.

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    Where to buy:

    Maternity sections are available in several clothing and baby shops. Ebay also has a good variety of online maternity clothes shopping. If you want to save money and have a close community network, other mothers out of maternity can pass down their clothes to you happily. Since they are done with the job, they will not have any use for the clothes. Thrift stores are also a hotspot for maternity clothes since you do not have to wear them for long. Many clothing labels have their own maternity collection. However, you can simply get a larger size for any kind of cloth to serve as maternity. Wearing your husband’s old loose t-shirt is another option that most women follow.

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    Buy clothes according to the present season but also keep in mind the change in weather that is going to happen until the end of your pregnancy. Do not end up buying all clothes in the same fabric. For example if you have bought all cotton, it might be cold until the time you have your baby. Plan ahead wisely!

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    Bra and underwear:

    The sizes of these two items of clothing is going to change naturally. Get a pair of bras a size larger than your present one. Same goes for the underwear. You can also get maternity underwear made specifically for this period or simply get a larger sized normal underwear.

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