How to Store White Clothes

Most of us usually have quite a few white clothes that we would like to store when not in use. However, often times these white clothes become dingy in storage making it impossible to wear without having to wash them. The key to storing white clothes is to basically keep them clean and to avoid any damage to the material. Although this sounds easy, most of us are not aware that white clothes can become discoloured. If you want to store your white clothes properly then there are a few simple methods that you can use.


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    Wash before storing:

    Be sure to wash all of your white clothes before storing them. This will ensure that all of your white clothes are perfectly clean before putting the away.

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    Buy plastic storage containers:

    Go to any decent store and you will find large plastic containers that are airtight. Buy a couple of these containers in different sizes. Be sure to wipe the inside with a dry cloth to remove any type of dust or dirt that might be inside the container.

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    Use airtight plastic bags:

    Find large airtight plastic bags that have a zip-style closure on the top. These can be found at any convenient store cheaply. Place your white clothes in these bags before putting them inside the plastic containers.

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    Store containers:

    Once you have put your white clothes inside the airtight plastic bags and placed them inside the containers, you should find a dark place to store them. Avoid sunlight hitting your storage containers. Also, try to find a nice dust free environment where you can safely store the containers.

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    Large storage bags:

    For large items, you can also use big storage bags that are usually coloured black. Put your white clothes inside these large bags and be sure to zip up the front all the way to make sure that no dust or dirt can get inside to ruin your clothes. Find a closet to hang these large bags in and try not to let any sunlight hit them.

  • 6

    Vacuum sealed bags:

    Recently there has been a lot of talk about vacuum sealed bags that you can use at home. These bags come in different shapes and sizes with an attachment that you can use to hook up your vacuum cleaner hose to and pull all of the air out to create a vacuum seal. These bags are available at various stores and are not that expensive. Buy a couple of them and put your white clothes inside and then seal by attaching your vacuum cleaner hose.

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