How to Dress Like a Skater Girl

Dressing like a Skater is a method that many young girls are doing to get an alternative look. Associating themselves with the whole skating scene gives young girls the opportunity to act out and feel edgy. Dressing like a Skater Girl is considered to be relatively hip nowadays amongst the youth. Choosing the right outfit is crucial as you do not want to look like you are trying too hard to look like a skater. Most Skater Girl outfits include tank tops, loose or baggy pants and skater shoes. Hats with different logos of skateboarding companies are considered to extremely trendy. By mixing and matching these various components you can look like a cool Skater Girl.


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    Wear Undersized T-shirts:

    If you are going for the ultimate Skater Girl look, it is important to wear undersized T-shirts which show a little part of your mid-section. T-shirts with various skating company logos are always a good idea as they are trendy. Also, try not to wear the mainstream T-shirts that others might be wearing as you want to be unique in your own personal skater style.

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    Wear a Tank Top:

    There are many different types of tank tops available for girls nowadays. Be sure to pick one that represents your own unique tastes. Your tank top should also be slightly undersized to have a snug fit and show a little midriff as well.

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    Wear Loose or Baggy Pants:

    Most skaters are known for their loose baggy pants. Many girls can now find a wide selection of baggy pants that suits them. Be sure to go for the cargo pants that have tons of pockets. These are trendy and extremely functional as well. Although, any colour and style is good but the camouflage pattern is considered to be ideal for the ultimate skater girl look.

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    Pick the Right Skater Shoes:

    There are many brands of skater shoes that you can pick from. Some are colourful with different patterns on them. Be sure to pick the right skater shoes that complement your unique Skater Girl outfit.

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    Grab a Skater Hat:

    To top off your Skater Girl look, be sure to grab a unique and stylish Skater Hat. You can wear your hat normally or backwards depending  upon your personal preference. Hats with skater company logos are also good to wear as you will look like a proper skater.

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    Choose the Right Accessories:

    Having the right accessories like belts, necklaces and bracelets is very important to get the true skater look. Choose accessories that are practical and represent your unique lifestyle. Wearing dark eyeliner and putting some different streaks in your hair will complement your trendy Skater Girl look.

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