How to Make a Costume Design Portfolio

If you think that you are mature enough as a costume designer and can actually apply for a job, then making a portfolio is an essential part of this process. This collection of designs will not only help others to evaluate your skills but you will also be able to assess your talent.

Making a portfolio is not all about just putting different costume designs together in a file rather it requires certain kind of sensibility to make a perfect portfolio. It is just like a resume and you cannot afford even a single blunder.

However, you do not need to worry as few simple tips can help you a lot.


  • 1

    Select a genre

    You should know the genre before putting all the pieces together. If you are applying for a job then make sure that you are making the portfolio according to their requirements. Mostly, they ask you to send samples of your work which falls into a specific category. However, there is also possibility that they will demand samples of different genres. You should dispatch a portfolio that can prove you a versatile designer.

  • 2

    Take images of your designs

    You must take photos of your designs and attach them with the portfolio. These images will help the other party to see how your designs look in reality. Make sure that your photos are clear and large enough to cover all the details of your designs otherwise there will no sense in attaching images with your portfolio.

  • 3

    Include samples of fabric

    To give an idea to your potential employer, you should include fabric swatches as these samples will help them in checking the texture, feel, dimension etc.

  • 4

    Give brief description

    You must label everything and give brief description of each design. If the design has been used earlier then do mention the event. You should also give information about the character who wore this outfit. You must put all the information wisely.

    For example, if multiple designs were used in one function then arrange them together. However, make sure that one page does not contain more than two designs otherwise it will be a mess.

  • 5

    Follow a theme

    You can follow a theme while making a costume design portfolio. Remember, you need to show your best work but you also need to prove your versatility.

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