How to Make a Backless Shirt

There are various fashion trends when it comes to women’s clothing, but one of the most sexiest attires is a backless shirt. This is a nice way to show some skin and look pretty at the same time. Since a backless shirt does not cover much part of the body therefore it is mainly worn in hot weather areas, especially the ones which have beaches. You can find backless shirts quite easily from any clothing shops. However, you can also make a backless shirt at home, as it does not require any especial skills to sew this kind of attire. In addition to this you can use different types of clothing material to make a backless shirt, but the best ones for this kind of shirt are silk and cotton.

Things Required:

– Measuring Tape
– Scissors
– 1 Yard of Fabric
– Ribbon
– Sewing Machine
– Safety Pin


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    Backless Shirt made with Ribbons

    In order to make a backless shirt you first need to take measurements. Take them from one armpit to the other armpit across the bust. Then, cut the fabric in a square shape with the help of a scissor, which should have the same length that you have just measured. After that cut a 40 inch long piece of ribbon and cut each of the other two ribbons 20 inches in length.

    Place the wrong side of the square piece fabric in front of you and then position it in a way that it forms a diamond shape. Then, chop off about 2 inches from the top corner of this diamond shaped fabric.

    Now grab the side corners of the fabric and fold them in ½ inch. Then, take a 20 inch piece of ribbon and place its end on one of the folded corners of this fabric. Keep in mind that the ribbon should be moving away from the diamond. Hem the ribbon on this place with the help of a sewing machine. Follow the same procedure for the other corner.

    Fold ¼ inch of the four diagonal edges of this diamond twice and then sew these folded edges in position.

    Then, fold down the top edge of the diamond to about ¼ inch after which fold it ½ inch more so you can sew the fold in this position on the brink of the bottom edge of the fold, which will create a channel.

    Use a safety pin to pin the end of the 40 inches long ribbon and then pass it through the channel you have just created. After doing that, take the pin out.

    Tie small knots at the ends of all the ribbons then, use them to tie the backless shirt around you in close fitting.

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    Backless Shirt made from T-Shirt

    Take a t-shirt and cut off its collar. However, before cutting off the collar make sure that you have evenly marked both sides of the collar at one inch distance in the shape of the collar.

    After chopping it off, put marks with a washable marker on the back side of the t-shirt to show area where you would like to cut the shirt with the help of a scissor.

    Watchfully cut the back of the t-shirt by following the marks you have drawn earlier on the shirt because this is the best way to make both sides of the shirt look even. Moreover, a careful cutting will give you the option to cut the t-shirt more deep if you want a deep backless shirt, but over cutting of the piece will not give you the chance to add more to it.

    Once the t-shirt is cut according to your desired shape, then hem the curls along the cuts by using the stretch stitch, after which your backless shirt will be ready and you can wear it at once.

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