Easy Ways to Combine Golden Boots

Picking up a pair of golden shoes is a bold and somewhat unique choice. When wearing golden shoes, you cannot wear just any outfit and a lot of thought has to go into the clothes and other accessories which need to be selected.

Ladies usually don’t take such risks when it comes to showing up for functions and parties, but actually it is these kind of risky moves which help you make a fashion statement and stand unique in a crowd. Uniqueness in this case however has to be combined with elegance and finesse.


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    Clean and Clear

    With golden shoes, the safest option is to wear a black dress. Plain white dress is another exciting option. If you find your black or white dress too simple, you can add charm by playing with the accessories, for example a golden bag.  A gold necklace is also a useful accessory. Golden earrings, however, would not be a good choice. Make sure you select a casual pair of earrings, preferably in a combination of golden and black.

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    Disco Queen

    A pair of  long-heel golden shoes is an ideal option for a fabulous night out. It is a traditional 70’s look that is still in fashion. A matching blouse and a light golden handbag are enough to make you look super hot.

    Wear golden blouse with dark jeans and make sure it has a wide bottom. If you want to add more excitement to this beautiful outfit, try a black or red jacket. Pick up a gold bracelet, and let this colour speak for you.

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    Party Outfit

    A green shirt with a black jacket or shawl makes a fantastic combination with golden shoes. But there are a couple of things that need to be ensured. Golden earrings and a casual golden necklace are the essentials. When it comes to handbag, you can select any lighter-tone golden bag.

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    Perfect Lady

    Black makes the best combination with golden colour. If you are going to attend a friend’s wedding ceremony, use shiny but formal golden pants. A black jacket and handbag completes the story.

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    Soft Sequins

    With gold heels, wear dark brown jeans. Cover any light-coloured shirt with a casual brown jacket to make an awesome combination. To become a charming lady, hold an off-white bag.

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