How to Remove Vomit Stains From Clothes

Vomitting is common when someone is not feeling well, drunk or eaten some rotten food. However, the stain and the smell it leaves behind are unpleasant. Being a protein-based stain, it can be removed from the fabric. Just like many stains the quicker you remove vomit stains, the easier you can get rid of it. You are required to take special care in order to remove vomit stains i.e. you need to properly following instructions, the right temperature when washing and the appropriate detergents to use.

Things Required:

– Rubber spatula
– Laundry detergent
– Bleach or colour-safe bleach
– Rubber gloves


  • 1

    Scrape off large pieces

    First you need to remove the large particles of the fresh vomit. Use a rubber spatula or any other similar blunt instrument in order to scrape off the big dried particles.

  • 2

    Rinse with cold water

    Next you need to wash your clothes in a sink with cold water. In case you have a sprayer attached with your sink, you can use it and focus on the vomit stain. Aim the sprayer on the spot of the stain.

  • 3

    Use laundry detergent

    You need to soak the stained cloth in cold water. You can do this in your sink. Add a laundry detergent and leave it for almost half an hour. Remember to use a well known brand’s laundry detergent and it should focus on protein stains. According to a site, protein-based stains should be first soaked in cold water before applying laundry detergents.

  • 4

    Use washing machine

    Next you need to place the cloth in the washing machine and use warm water for cleaning purposes. You should use bleach in order to remove the stains. The Ohioline website states that you should use bleach in addition with the detergent to remove vomit stains. In case your clothing fabric is coloured, you should use colour-safe bleach.

  • 5

    Take out and dry

    In the end you need to take out the cloth and dry it. You can either line dry or use a dryer for this purpose. Remember to check whether fabric allows to be dry in a dryer or not. In case you still see any vomit stain, you need to soak the cloth in cold water again for another half hour. After this, rewash the stained cloth.

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