How to Wear a Black Tunic

Tunics have been there for centuries, with the Romans and Greeks having their own version of the tunic as their traditional dress. Today, tunic has become one of the most popular choices of clothing for spring and summer. There are various styles of tunics available in the market, with some of them hardly reaching the hips, while others extending down to the ankles.

Wearing a tunic, particularly a black tunic, can be real tricky, as it is really easy to ruin the look by pairing it up with something that does not compliment it well. Fortunately, there are a number of bottoms, shoes and accessories that go really well with a black tunic.


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    Pair your black tunic with leggings, preferably printed ones. Make sure the leggings compliment your black tunic nicely. You can spice up the whole outfit by going with black and white printed leggings instead of going for plain ones. Get yourself a pair of black shoes and accessorise the look with a charming necklace and large sun glasses.

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    Skinny jeans go really well with black tunic. If does not really matter if you have an hour-glass figure or an apple frame, you can look great in skinny jeans if you know how to carry yourself in them. Since you are going for a black tunic, pair it up with a pair of light-coloured jeans. This still leaves you with plenty of colours to choose from such as nude, pink or light pink. All three colours can come off as very girly and romantic. As for shoes, go for something like ballet flats. Accessorise the look with a cute necklace and sunglasses.

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    You can combine the look mentioned in the first step with the look described in the second step to create a third look. Combine the printed leggings from the first step and light-coloured skinny jeans from the second step to get a pair of stretch leggings that has a mixture of light-coloured and dark-coloured print on it. For shoes, opt for flats as they would go really nicely with the printed leggings and tunic. Accessorise with a pair of earrings, necklace and glasses.

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    If you are aiming for a real casual look, pair the black tunic with cropped boyfriend jeans. The look may come off as really dull initially, but when you add pump shoes and a necklace to it, the look becomes really hot and will definitely get you a lot of attention.

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    Shorts can be paired up with tunic as well. Since you are going for a black tunic, select light-coloured shots. Nude shorts are a great option. Add a cute bag, long locket necklace and a pair of glasses to the look.

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