How to Get Rid of Dry Cracked Heels

Dry, cracked heels are a common sight, especially during the winter season. A number of reasons, such as naturally dry skin, not wearing socks, and not cleaning the heels regularly, can lead to the heels getting cracked. Fortunately, it is easy to get rid of dry, cracked heels. You will have to take proper care of your heels, and even use medication if required. In severe cases, you may have to consult your physician.

Things Required:

– Paper towels
– Epsom salts
– Pumice stone
– Moisturiser
– Olive oil
– Water


  • 1

    One of the major causes of dry, cracked heels is dirt. If you allow your heels to be in constant contact with dust and dirt particles, they will develop painful cracks very quickly. To prevent such an outcome, keep your heels clean at all times. Use paper towels for this purpose. Furthermore, if you travel a lot during the course of your daily routine, using closed footwear can help cure and also prevent cracked heels.

  • 2

    Fill a large bowl with warm water and add Epsom salts to the water. Keep your heels immersed in this water until the skin becomes soft. Then, remove your heels from the water and scrub them with a pumice stone. This will ensure the removal of dead skin cells from your heels.

  • 3

    Properly dry your feet with a paper towel after washing, and apply a thick layer of moisturiser to your heels. Start massaging them and keep doing so until all of the cream you applied has been absorbed completely. This technique produces the best results if you use it just before going to bed.

  • 4

    Warm a few drops of olive oil in a microwave. Avoid leaving the olive oil in the microwave for too long; about 10 seconds of heat from the microwave will be good enough to bring the olive oil up to an ideal temperature. Slowly massage the warm oil into the cracked parts of your heels.

  • 5

    Heels often get cracked due to constant rubbing against shoe leather or plastic. To prevent this from happening, wear socks whenever possible. Apply moisturiser before wearing the socks. This will speed up the healing process, and prevent the heels from developing more cracks.