How to Install Snap Fasteners on Clothing

Snaps on a garment are good replacement for buttons and buttonholes and their installation is not a complicated process either. You just need a hammer, scissors and basic skills about how to install them. You can choose snaps of different colours and design to make them more suitable to your clothing. Once installed they add to the value and appear on your clothing. Because of the simplicity in installation and elegance in designs, snaps fasteners have become very popular. A growing number of consumers now prefer garments with snaps on.


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    Installing Magnet Snaps

    Installation of magnet snaps is popular for pockets and purses. They can be installed simply by cutting through the garment fabric and putting the upper part of the snap and then attaching the under part. Both can be fastened to each other and thus secured. After installing washer if you pull the prongs, snaps are fastened since they are magnet.

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    Installing Post Snaps

    You can install post snaps by making a small hole in the fabric and pushing the posts through it. Fixing the caps then is the second step, after which you can tighten the snaps with a small stroke of hammer. This sort of snaps are popular for heavier clothes. These are old fashioned but still are commonly used snaps. They are also probably the easiest to install.

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    Installing Prong-Closing Style Snaps

    Prong-closing style snaps are installed in light fabrics. The lower stud and socket are installed through the fabric with a light tap of the hammer. You do not need a hole before installation of the snap because their stud part is sharp and can get through the fabric quickly. Also, they are very simple to secure.

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    Installing With Kits

    You can install snaps more conveniently with purpose made kits, which you can buy at a reasonable rate from the market. They include the fabric holders that keep the fabric stable during installation of snaps and other equipment. While the kit makes the installation process easier, you can also achieve the highest level of precision, safety of fabric and perfection. Also, you can find it easier to install snaps of complicated designs.

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